We regret to inform you that BOSS Wireless will discontinue operations on July 1st, 2024. All cellular services, including voice, text, and data, will be terminated at this time. Please arrange to transfer your service to another cellular provider prior to July 1st, 2024 to ensure continued service. For assistance, contact us at 800-689-0617. Thank you for your understanding.

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The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government benefit program operated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that provides discounts on monthly broadband Internet access service and certain connected devices. Eligibility for the ACP will be determined by the National Verifier, administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company. ACP discounted device offer is subject to product availability.
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If you participate in one of these popular programs:
Medicaid / Medi-Cai
SNAP / Food Stamps / CaIFresh
Supplemental Security Income
Veterans Pension / Survivors Benefit
Additional eligibility criteria can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happened with the ACP program?

The FCC has discontinued the ACP program. All ACP applications and enrollments are no longer being processed after February 7, 2024, at 11:59 PM ET. April 2024 was the last fully funded month.

To read more information about the ACP program, please visit www.fcc.gov/acp

What will happen with BOSS Wireless ACP users on May 1st?

The FCC has discontinued the ACP program and April 2024 was the last fully funded month. All ACP customers services will cease to operate on May 1, 2024. To continue receiving BOSS Wireless services, please log in to your account at www.bosswireless.com and choose a service plan. Additionally, you can visit a BOSS Revolution retail location to utilize one of our prepaid plans.

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC benefit program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare, and more.

The benefit provides a discount of up to $30 per month toward internet service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands. Eligible households can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers if they contribute more than $10 and less than $50 toward the purchase price.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is limited to one monthly service discount and one device discount per household.

Am I eligible to receive the ACP Benefit?

A household is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program if the household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, or if a member of the household meets at least one of the criteria below:

  • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year;

  • Meets the eligibility criteria for a participating provider's existing low-income internet program;

  • Participates in one of these assistance programs:

    • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program, including at U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Eligibility Provision schools.

    • SNAP

    • Medicaid

    • Federal Housing Assistance, including:

      • Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program (Section 8 Vouchers)

      • Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA)/Section 202/ Section 811

      • Public Housing

      • Affordable Housing Programs for American Indians, Alaska Natives or Native Hawaiians

    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

    • WIC

    • Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits

    • or Lifeline;

  • Participates in one of these assistance programs and lives on Qualifying Tribal lands:

    • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

    • Tribal TANF

    • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

    • Tribal Head Start (income based)